Saturday, October 11, 2008

BadCat's Wonderful Adventure (Week One!): SOAR

ROAD TRIP!!! Mary and Kelley were taking Friday off and driving the two hours to Pennsylvania. To SOAR. To the market. To see Steve and Connie. They invited me, and at the last minute I was able to take the day off and hop in the car. Steve and Connie are SpindleWood. Mary and Kelley have exchanged many an email with them, but they have never had the chance to meet them, and here it was. It was great. Can't you tell? Steve Connie and Mary... And here are just a few of the spindles they brought with them. This doesn't include those that the three of us liberated. I'll show you mine later... These are wonderful spinners, and also beautiful to look at and hold. Yup.
We also took a look at the SOAR gallery, and I was thrilled to see this:
If Sandra reads my blog, please send me a note! I just love your work, and was so excited to see that you used your hand spun to knit Isis. In fact, I feel honored.
And here she is. Trust me, this was really lovely!
And I share with you a few other amazing pieces from the SOAR gallery. I am sorry I didn't get everyone's name and the pattern source, but enjoy anyway.

I'll be back in a day or two with some pictures of my warp in progress and new spindle(s) from SOAR. Rock and roll!! Adventure (Week Two) is only one week away.


  1. That brown sweater is truly gorgeous!

  2. The red shawl is stunning! Wish I could have enjoyed it with you!

  3. Yes, everything is gorgeous, but I especially love the brown sweater. Any ideas of the pattern?

  4. It looks like a great show! I love going to see things like that. There was a knitting show in the UK and that was fun! (by the way our shawl from the previous post is absolutely gorgeous!)

  5. beautiful pieces! Do you happen to remember the green-orange yarn? Its lovely and Id like to go on the hunt for it ;) you can reach me at

  6. LOVE the brown pullover!!! Is there a pattern available? Truly what I have been searching for!