Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving Forward!

Here is a preview of the Gauntlets I am working on for my up-coming workshop. Totally delicious yarn with nice beads. A bit of lace and a few cables...I am enjoying myself. Here are the socks I was working on over the weekend. More delicious yarn and I think the sock came out well too. This will be back...

The poll for our Valentine's Day project suggestions has closed and here are the result:

33 people wanted a lace sock design

37 people wanted lace mitts

89 people wanted a beaded lace scarf

101 people wanted a larger shawl project

I think everyone else just didn't care that much!

The numbers speak for themselves, so I am pondering. Time is the ultimate challenge, but I will design for a shawl. We might end up working on a scarf as a "swatch" for that shawl, but let's go forward thinking shawl, shall we? I put a new poll up to see what shawl concept the most people are interested in. If you select other, plan to leave a comment with what that means, or your vote will be without meaning to me! I am collecting materials and making charts. I make no promises to anyone, but I will consider all suggestions. Keep in mind that I never knit with any needles above a US 4 or 5 and sock weight yarn is about the heaviest I will likely enjoy using. More than that I can't yet predict. Vote on!


  1. I just love that first sock...be sure and tell us how to acquire that pattern....

  2. Me too, love the socks (can you guess where I voted) and would like the pattern...Will have to pass on the large shawl for now too busy with other projects that must be completed. :) Look forward to doing some summer knitting with you.

  3. Wish I could attend the workshops! Is an "online workshop" an impossible fantasy??
    I am happy to go with whatever you design for the shawl.
    Sue in CA

  4. BEADS! BEADS!! Perhaps you can tell I love the gauntlets.

  5. Love the socks (I had voted for lace socks because I've never knitted socks and wanted to try. Oh well. I'll be happy with whatever you decide. I've voted "other" because I would like to do a Faroese style shawl, which is similar to the triangular shawl BUT will stay on the shoulders. BTW, I do like the modified triangle a lot.

  6. i'm hoping by "modified triangle" that you mean a shape similar to the Ojo de Dios. If not, please do remember to toss us "wide load" babes a bone by suggesting options to get a wider shawl.

    also, I absolutely LOVE the Driftwood Victorian, but could not discover any way to obtain the pattern. will you be able to sell this pattern sometime in the future or must I buy it from someone else? Please point me in the right direction. :)


  7. Love Your Designs!
    Would love to know how to join this upcoming valentines shawl kal and how I will find out when it will begin.
    Will it be posted somewhere on ravelry or do you have a yahoo group?
    Thank You
    Ronni Lynn (knittingdiva on ravelry)

  8. would be fantabulous if it were a mystery shawl kal with 1 clue being releasd each week and also if we didn't find out the shape until after a few clues.....
    just thought I would put my $.02 in....
    I'm a romantic and the idea of doing a kal around valentines makes me think pinks/reds/romance.
    ronni lynn

  9. I love the sock, it looks so dainty and warm. Beautiful, clean design.