Sunday, January 18, 2009


The first new design I want to share is called Ojo De Dios. The design was inspired by two things; the "God's Eye" toys that kids in Mexico make with sticks and colorful yarn, and the Aztec floating gardens. This piece was made with Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere 2-ply in their Lagoon color, which is a beautiful combination of deep blue-greens and dark purples. I hope you can see the "eyes' and also the lovely movement of the colors in the yarn.
There is one bead at each point of the edging, which is worked continuously with the main piece.
The shawl is cast-on at the center neck and worked out and down, with a center corner expansion.
Here you can the see full piece blocking.
This pattern will be available as a printed pattern from Jade Sapphire. Please ask for it where Jade Sapphire yarns are sold!

The second new design I want to introduce is called Tallin Sunset. This design was inspired by photographs that a friend took while visiting Tallin, in Estonia. The vibrant colors of the sunset stayed with me. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace, in a new color called Satsuma. The colors are all shades of smokey oranges, with a lovely tone-on-tone quality.
You can see the full piece in the blocking picture. This design is worked from the center using a temporary cast-on. After two sections are worked, the edging is picked up all around and worked outward.
This next close-up shows the two "panels." One is an insert with flowing nupps and the second is a band with cable-like eyelets.
The next close-up shows you the edging points. Each has a small bead. Note the twist above the bead.
Tallin Sunset is available as a printed pattern from Lorna's Laces, so please ask for it at shops that stock their yarn!

I'll be back Monday with more about our Valentine's Day project. Until then, knit, knit, knit!


  1. Its so beatiful. I from Tallinn and I like the lace.

  2. Two beautiful new designs -- oh oh ohhhhhhh -- I believe I will have to give up sleeping --

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Both of them! You are a fabulous designer and I am envious!

  4. Lulla, I wish I had your email so I could write to you, but it was very nice of you to leave me a comment. I hope I caught a tiny flavor of Tallin with my design!
    Kay, I don't have your email address either, so here is my thanks for your kind comment!
    Fleegle, I do have your email address so I thanked you more privately...

  5. Beautiful! I love the colors in both designs. The Ojo de Dios has a great geometric feel, and the little details are really pretty, too. I like the motion in the Tallin, especially the beads that highlight the lace pattern.

  6. Please post a web site where we can get the Ojo de Dios!!! I've used search to go to the Jade Sapphire yarn sites and can't find it!! Help!! I've fallen in love with this one!!
    :D Carla

  7. Really beautiful designs -- I particularly love the rectangular one. Stunning!

  8. Both designs are gorgeous!! Love the nupps in Tallin. Let us know sites that have the pattern and yarn when you have a chance. Thanks,
    Sue in CA

  9. Wowsers! Love, love, love them. Ojo de Dios!!! I remember making the God's Eye in church camp as a child. It's beautiful! NUPPS?! I tried one once and quit:( but I also used to just look at lace designs:) Teeboc

  10. It is so interesting and wonderful if someone who lives so far from my homeland loves estonian lace. Anu from Estonia