Friday, December 12, 2008

The Traveling Shawl Does Manhatten...

I am the New York knitter for the Traveling Shawl Project. For those of you not familiar with this project, go check out this blog! If you have some extra change looking for a good cause, consider making a donation to Passionately Pink on the Traveling Shawl blog. You can support breast cancer research AND buy a chance to win this lovely shawl after she has been to every state for some knitting! The design is by Kay Meadors, as is the project. Go check it out! I got the shawl yesterday, just after returning from my trip. I wanted nothing more than to sit and knit, so the timing was perfect. I knit my assigned rows right away.
Today, I took The Shawl with me to the city. That would be THE City. We checked out the public transportation.
We checked out the architecture, and the holiday lights. We liked what we saw.
We were at 42nd Street, outside Grand Central. It was crowded!
The Shawl relaxed while I bought us our train tickets. She looked lovely.
We checked the train board and then we checked the laser light show on the ceiling.
Then we caught the 5:59 up the Hudson. The Shawl managed to scarf her own seat (I just crack myself up sometimes.)
We enjoyed the lights as we passed 125th Street...
And finally, we enjoyed a fabulous Margarita at my favorite bar. I am not sure I was a good influence, but I think I showed The Shawl a pretty good time. The bartender was certainly intrigued...
I will pack her off tomorrow morning, priority mail, to her next knitter. Adieu, and fond farewell.


  1. That shawl started o9ut right here in Georgia! It sure does get around, doesn't it :)

  2. Can I be your next shawl? I love to travel.

  3. What a gorgeous color. Must check this out. Thanks for sharing all the New Yorky fun!

  4. What yarn is the fabulous shawl knit out of?

  5. Cracking up - you are good :-)....what an influence (grin).

  6. I'm living vicariously through the shawl!

  7. I should have said more about The Shawl herself. The yarn is called melody, and here is a link to the actual yarn and color:
    Just copy and paste the entire link into your browser to take a look. It was very soft and the colors were lovely.

  8. Nice job...guess it will be heading my way in a month. :)

  9. I love knitting the shawl while travelling (light, fun, and takes time!). I loved all the photos with your knitting on it. It made me smile. I wonder what effect it would have on my knitting if I had Margarita..It might go really fast!