Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Autumn in New York, with time to spare before Winter!

I am totally thrilled to share this amazing array of Autumn (or AINY as Kim dubbed it on my list.) The following knitters used a variety of yarns (and some beads) for their shawls, and each one is unique. They were kind enough to share their details, along with these gorgeous photographs. I feel honored that all of you joined me on this project and so impressed with your work. Thank-you! And now, without further ado, and in no special order, I present AINY.
Knit by Tasha
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock
Yardage: 600 m plus a little more
Modifications: NONE
Comments : This has been a great project!

Knit by Susie Jordan
Yarn: Elann,com Pure Alpaca Fina, color Café au Lait,
approx 3 ½ skeins (640 yds)
size 6 needles
no modifications
Comments: Loved it!

Knit by Rita Miller
Yarn : KnitPicks Palette in Autumn Heather
Yardage used: 716.1 yards
Modifications: Chart C done 2 times, Chart D done 3 times.
Since this was a solid yarn, I used opal-lined glass E beads with the "Bead charts."
Comments: Lovely pattern and pretty easy to knit.
Knit by Michele
Blog: http//
Just wanted to thank you for sharing your design with me. I used the same yarn & colorway S245 as you, but I followed the beaded chart - 6/0 Crystal AB glass beads. You were right to advised against hooking beads while using Noro! (Not fun.) I had 12 yards left and my shawl ended up being 58"x27" using US5 Addis Lace Needles.
I love the resulting shawl and will be wearing it today!
Knit by Mary Rose
Yarn:Yarn Tree House Melody
Yardage used:approx 560 yards of Melody
Modifications: None - your pattern was good enough for me :)
Comments: This was a ton of fun to knit. It was neat really interesting to see the pattern "morph" from one stitch to the next through the charts.
Also knit by Mary Rose (we call her "Needles on Fire")
Yarn : Yarntopia Treasures Bamboo
used: approx 680 yards of Bamboo
Modifications: None - your pattern was good enough for me :)
Comments: This was a ton of fun to knit. It was neat really interesting to see the pattern "morph" from one stitch to the next through the charts
Knit by Lara Downey (note the second version almost complete...)
Yarn: Yarn Place Adiago (main picture) / Yarn Treehouse Melody (unblocked blob to the right!)Yardage used: #1 = ~765 yards / #2 = ~605 yards
Modifications: #1 knit two repeats for Chart D (total) / #2 knit with no repeats
Comments : A fun knit!
Knit by Karen Gass
Yarn: Elann Baby Lace Merino
Yardage used: About 550 yds, but yarn was doubled, so 1100 yds
Modifications: I didn’t make any.
Comments: I didn’t notice the section repeat on Chart E, so it’s a bit smaller than it should be. I will be making it again, with repeats to make it larger, I loved making it. It was easy and just looks fabulous! :)
Knit by Colleen Archbold
Blog :
Yarn: Noro Kureyon sock, colour 149
Needles: 4.5mm
Yardage used: approx 776 yds (710m)
Modifications: I worked an extra repeat in chart D and 4 extra rows of chart E before the garter stitch rows.
Comments: I found this quite an easy knit, good for relaxing. Thank you Andrea for a lovely pattern and creating such a supportive and happy group to knit with :)
I love the shawl, and have received good comments!
Unblocked size: 29" x 58"
Blocked size: 35" x 70"
Knit by Jean Le Beau
Yarn: YarnTreehouse Melody Y21
Yardage: 864 yds
Modifications: 1 Extra repeat each of Charts C & D
Comments Finished Width ;72” Depth 36”
I had 49’left out of 4 balls of Melody That is it on the left side of the picture.
Knit by Cheryl Coville
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock #S84 with 4mm needle (US6)
Yardage: just under 600 meters (2 skeins)
Finished size: 57 inches by 30.5 inches (4 stitches to the inch) blocked
Comments: The cast-off was a new-to-me technique which I will definitely use again. It gives a lovely finished look to the edge and I got lucky with the colour repeat.
You can see more pictures of AINY on Raverly, so take a look!

Once again, I can't thank all of you enough! I am traveling next week, but I'll be back after that with some new tidbits to share. Until then, keep knitting!


  1. Gaahh! Each one is lovlier than the next! You must be so proud! Congrats to everyone!

  2. they are all very beautiful!!

    Jabi in Nairobi

  3. Awesome job everyone. I am soo far behind on this project! :)

  4. I really enjoyed seeing all the finished shawls. They are quite inspirational!

  5. I came here to read the last post on ANIY again, because I finished Chart E today, as usually bringing up the rear! LOL! All the shawls are beautiful! Great job everyone!

  6. What a beautiful selection of shawls! Congratulations to everybody and keep up with the good work! :D