Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Thanks to all of you who played my Holiday Contest game. I send out a few small gifts to all. First, I'll share the recipe for this wonderful Gingerbread Tree. We were given a set of cookie cutters, to make a stack of cookies that looks like a tree, and my BadKitten wanted to give it a try. We used this recipe, plus some homemade butter cream frosting and it was too good for words. So good that we ate it all in one sitting...shocking.
Second, I am going to send a pattern to everyone who sent me a cool website. I call this design The WallFlower Scarf. I haven't released it yet, but I have used it for workshops. It is a fun knit and I hope you all enjoy it. I don't have an email address on several of you, so if you left me a comment for the contest and I didn't send you your pattern, please contact me to let me know your email address!

Third, I am going to send The Party Pooper sheep to Teeboc, who shared the website that I liked the most. I admit that the choice was very hard to make, because you all sent me the coolest stuff. It came down to the fiber "graffiti" and the web-repair service. I needed help from my family to break the tie. Take a look at these links!

Susanna sent me these great links:
Guys in sheep hats, and look for the single ram...LOL
The Tartan Sheep - quite the dye job!
SheepScape – One of BadKitten's faves, because of the interactive elements.

Kate in Massachusetts sent me this blog link:
This is a wonderful site with great fiber photos form all over, some very famous.

Teeboc in Wyoming sent me this way-cool link of fiber "graffiti."

Gjabouri sent me another amazing link, to someone who "repairs" spider webs! I added the second link back to the original artist.
Gjabouri also sent me this link to Spool art. The interesting thing is that one of the Mona Lisa pieces is at The Museum of Art and Design right now, and my SIL saw it yesterday! I added a second link back to other works.

Finally, Andrea sent me a selection of cool links:
Finally, I snuck away for a few minutes to cast-on a treat. I am still swatching for a larger design, and I got my hands on some 2/48 Merino from Habu, in a fantastic color. I have one ounce, which is almost 800 yards. What to do with 800 yards of very fine Merino? A swatch that will be a scarf, eh? I should have put something in the picture for size reference. To give you a clue, the knitting needles are US0 and the crochet hook is a 13. The beads are Japanese 8s. Isn't the color fine?
I'll be back with more fine knitting soon. Until then, knit on to the New Year!


  1. Some cool links for sure. :) Thanks for the pattern.

  2. Oooo--love the Habu!

    Thanks for the great links--and have a lovely New Year!

  3. Wow - that tartan sheep must be very patient! I loverd checking out all the lkinks - thanks for the pattern! Happy New Year to all!

  4. I loved all the links. Here's another one for you.