Friday, November 7, 2008

Autumn in New York, take two!

Happy Friday! This week finds me pleased to be here, and even more pleased to be an American. I was feeling less so not long ago...and for those of you who considered offering me asylum on your farms in Canada, thanks. I'm good. I trust this post finds many of you cast-on and ready for the next chart. The above picture shows you the transition section along with part of the next motif. Again, this shows the original yarn, Noro Silk Garden Sock, blocked. The Noro color I used here has a light stripe that glows in these pictures, which I really like.

Chart C, above, is only shown as the central panel. Be sure to refer back to the "notes" page from our earlier post if you are not clear how to follow, and recall this chart does not include the garter stitch border, which you should maintain.

I also have a second Chart C, which includes bead placements, for those of you going that way.

I marked off the pattern repeat, in blue, on both charts. You need to repeat the blue section three times across each chart row (and don't forget that you repeat the chart row twice per row, eh?) The reason I am giving you charts with a repeat, instead of giving you the larger chart without repeats, is that this allows me to make the chart as large as possible and still use a standard paper size. For me, this makes for much easier chart reading. I hope it does the same for you. Be sure that you set your printer to print in Landscape mode for all these charts!

This is a picture of my work, through the last row of Chart C, in Yarn Treehouse Melody, color Y21. It has a very different look, because it is a smooth yarn and the Noro has quite a bit of texture. The Melody has the nice, long color repeats which I am totally enjoying. I believe the Adagio and Melody are very similar style yarns.

I'll be back next weekend (and I am including Friday in that concept to celebrate November) with the third installment of our Autumn in New York Shawl. Until then, you know what to do...


  1. I may be muddled this morning, but I have a question. On Chart C, do we follow the pattern until the blue, then knit the blue 3 times, then continue to the end? (Then do that all over again for the second half of the triangle?

    OR do we just follow the pattern as it's graphed, twice?

    Thanks in advance!!

    Vicki (VickiLeigh on Ravelry)

  2. Vicki,
    You repeat the blue 3 times for each half of the triangle (as you described above!) You are not that muddled...

  3. Thanks so much Andrea, this project is coming along perfectly!