Friday, November 21, 2008

Autumn in New York, take four!

As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States, so we approach the final motif on this November project. New York City is surrounded by water. I work in Northern Manhattan, very near the Hudson River, and I live about ten miles north. I can see the Hudson from my bedroom. It seemed right to surround our shawl with water, if you will. Chart E is the first motif with "movement." The previous motifs had the decrease pair closely with the increase. This motif has the increases grouped together and the decreases grouped together, which causes the fabric to undulate. The stripes of color take on a gentle scallop, which gives nice movement to the border and allows for those scallops along the edges.

I knit through Chart E once for my shawl. If you have enough yarn and would like your shawl to be larger, I suggest you return to Chart D and make another repeat of the recommended rows.

Thanks to all who participated in my chart discussion, both here and at my Yahoo group. I continue to look for ways to upgrade the quality of my blog and its contents. I plan to experiment with different chart formats in the future.

I will return with one more post on this project by Monday evening. That post will include the cast-off directions, some blocking instructions and of course a cheesecake shot! Until then, knit on!

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  1. You have to figure out a way to work in hot dogs, chestnuts, and basketballs. I am a native New Yorker and these 3 things are soooo NY to me.