Friday, November 14, 2008

Autumn in New York, take three!

My friend Sandra, fellow New Yorker and someone knitting along with us, asked me if we were doing some leaves next. No, just chain-link fence... This got me to thinking about New York and the motifs I chose to incorporate into this design. There are plenty of trees in New York City, and they are all lovely colors right now, yet I selected what you see above. While I continue to ponder the significance of my choices and my complex relationship with New York City, you all can continue knitting...

I repeat the "row repeat" twice on Chart D before moving on. The Chart D row repeat is the place I suggest you enlarge your shawl, if you like. Go back and check my yarn usage and finished size before you decide on adding a repeat.

The rows are getting longer, so this could possibly keep you busy for a chunk of the next week. I'll be back with a huge post before Thanksgiving. Until then, knit on.


  1. Chain link fences. Ha ha ha! They look very nice, though :)

  2. AAAAAH! Slow down! Now I have a new project to start and catch up on!

    I love the vest-pocket parks in NYC--right where you least expect them. You're right about there being lots of leaves in NYC.

  3. Now that I think about it, chain link fences are the jewelry of NYC. And perhaps I should not have had wine with my dinner. Perhaps.

  4. Lovely, although I see diamonds. :)

  5. I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find the finished size anywhere....I am using noro kuryeon sock yarn so have a bit over 800 yards...

  6. Linda,
    You left me a "no-reply" comment so I have no way of reaching you except here. Look back to pattern page two, from two posts ago and you will see gauge and dimensions...