Monday, September 1, 2008

Kim's Corner and a brief on blocking

Kim, who is a member of my Yahoo Group, has been working her Summer Sampler in a heavier yarn. She wasn't digging the asymmetry of my corner and added a cable twist on row 48 of the corner chart. I think it looks very good and is an option for those of you who are using heavier yarn or who just can't do asymmetry! Thank-you, Kim, for sharing your idea and picture Now you can see my corner, blocking (or maybe not...) The towel isn't helping, I know.
To block The Summer Sampler:
Once you complete the final corner, weave in your ends, but don't cut them.
Soak your piece in cool water for at least 30 minutes (it must be fully wet.)
Roll it in a towel to remove extra water.
Lay it flat on a few towels over a blocking board or old rug.
Pin out each corner to about 25 inches by 72 inches.
Pin out each point of the edging (I used a total of 166 pins.)
Leave it alone until it is totally dry.
Remove the pins, clip the ends and take a nice picture!

To earn two balls of Lacey Lamb yarn:
Be the first two people to send me finished photos of your Summer Sampler! The fine print is that is has to really be the full pattern and it has to be blocked and photographed with care. If you didn't do all 12 patterns or did fewer repeats, or you didn't do the full edging it doesn't count. If you did minor modifications (like Kim's Corner or an alternate Grande Spiders) you are welcome to join the game! If you live outside the USA, only play if you are willing to pay postage. Look for the original comments about the Lacey Lamb game! (Maybe Canada if the postage is really the same, but I retain the right to verify that:)

I'll be back tomorrow with blocked pictures of my Summer Sampler and more! Until then, Knit on!


  1. Nice corners! Looking forward to seeing to pix of final shawls!

  2. What a fun project this has been! Thank you so much!!! (I'm probably going to be the last one finished, but I am so loving the whole thing!!!)

    .... Thanks!

  3. Kim's stole looks gorgeous! Yours does too but I can't see the details and look forward to tomorrow, when it is off the towel -Lol FYI, the price to post to Canada is probably the same as it is in the US if you check with the USPS.

  4. I too added the cable at row 48 in my corner. What can I say. :) Thanks for the corner photos, let's me know I am on track. Now if I didn't have to work this week this would so be done.