Sunday, September 7, 2008

And the winners are...

As promised, the first two knitters who sent me finished Summer Sampler photos are getting goodies. The first and fastest knitter is Mary, who finished the same weekend that I posted the final chart. Needles on fire, I tell you! Mary knit her Summer Sampler and sent me the following information:
1) She used JaggerSpun Zephyr in white, size 1US (2.25mm) needles
2) Her blocked gauge was 22 stitches to 4 inches (5.5 per inch) with final dimensions of 22.5 by 72 inches point to point. (Not including the longer point of the corners)
3) She added the extra twist in the corner like Kim did. To make it easier to graft, on the final corner she put the cable in one row early. Mary says: "This was the most fun pattern that I have worked on in a long time. Usually I stop part way through the edging because I am just bored of it, this one I was so excited to see what it would look like all together that I couldn't leave it unfinished." Didn't she do an amazing job???

The next gorgeous photo to arrive was from Michele, a week later (still pretty darn fast!)

Michele sent me the following information:
1) She used Cashwool #987 and Addi lace needle.
2) Her finished size was 18" by 72"
3) Her favorite pattern was "Spiders."
Michele says : "Just wanted to thank you for sharing your design with me all summer long.
I looked forward to each installment and enjoyed each pattern." The cat says "You are so welcome!"

Mary and Michele will both be getting two balls of Lacey Lamb, in this lovely color, thanks to my Friend Jane at Jade Sapphire Yarn Company. THANK YOU, JANE! That way at least these two knitters will be totally ready for our Summer Sampler 2009, right?? (just kidding, I think...)

Please continue to send me pictures of your work, and I'll post another group of your Summer Samplers once I have a few collected. No more prizes except the joy of sharing your pictures!

I'll be back in a few days with some madness and mayhem. Until then, knit on!


  1. What incredibly gorgeous shawls! I am so sorry to have missed the beginning and middle of this project. I didn't find you until the end. Do you have a "next" project? (running for cover!)

  2. Superb Summer Samplers - well done, winners!

    I'm really looking forward to knitting this (I have all the pages printed out) - it's just that I have Fern Garden to finish first!

  3. Mary's and Michele's stoles are just lovely.

  4. Well, the winners' shawls certainly look worthy!
    Well done ladies!

  5. Those shawls look incredible! I'm poking along on mine--better get moving :)

  6. congratulations to you both! And besides the bonus of free Lacey Lamb you have FINISHED Summer Sampler Stoles! Good for you. I am one or 2 repeats shy of the spiders, still. but i have all the pieces but the edging printed off to refer to so I can eventually finish. my knitting time (at work) vanished as we prepared for the new semester and then the semester began. Now I'm catching up on reading posts.. THEN i get to knit again :) Thank you for the LOVELY SSS pattern and for the pics of the finished pieces to inspire me along. ~denise/deBRAT