Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Summer Sampler Study Pattern One

If you are new to the party, please take a few minutes to read all the previous posts with the Summer Sampler label!

I would like to start this weekend by sending out huge birthday greetings to Lara's daughter Stephanie, who is turning sweet 14, and to Kim (who is just a few years older than Stephanie this weekend.) Party on ladies! Might I suggest this fabulous, no-bake blueberry cheesecake? I made this for my sweetie's recent birthday, with extra berries, and it was wonderful...

And now, for the real meat of the Summer Sampler project, I present Pattern One. You should refer back to my earlier chart dissection and the key before you dive in. Please recall that my charts are giving you a front view of the design at all times, and the key will help you get into that mind-set. Following is pattern page seven:
By popular request, here is what pattern one looks like. This is my work, still on the needles. That means it is not blocked, but just pinned out for a picture. This is only an estimate of its final loveliness, because you all know what blocking does to fine lace knitting, right?
I thought I would also add a close-up of the spacer, also pinned out but un-blocked, for your reference.
Some of you might be wondering if all I am working on is that darn Summer Sampler. Certainly not! In truth, I am waaay out in front on the sampler, so I can swatch some new designs running from my head to my fingers. Below is one "swatch" so far. It should come off my needles later this weekend, so you will see this green item again soon.
Until next time, knit on into June!


  1. I turned on my computer this morning, first thing I do is come here. The birthday song is great! The cake looks delicious!(I am allergic to eggs,so it is perfect)And there is pattern one, WooHoo!
    Thank you Andrea!

  2. A lovely, delicate sample...and most appropriate for Spring!

  3. That birthday cake looks amazing. (Oh and the knitting is pretty good too!!!)

  4. I am new to lace, and have struggled with other projects. I am very excited to have found this opportunity to knit a beautiful sampler! So far I have been very successful and I am looking forward to the next pattern. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Hmmm...I love strawberries, adore blueberries, and cheesecake...what's not to like? And guess what??? It's my birthday today too! Lace and sweet *that's* my kind of birthday celebration ;-)))