Monday, December 24, 2007

The First Annual BadCat Holiday Contest

This week finds me as busy as ever, with no time for new knitting and even less time for new designs. It could make me almost as cranky as my little "Party Pooper" sheep. I got him last year, and if you push him down, his tail lifts up and he poops jelly beans. Every fiber loving person should have one... But I found something even funnier under the tree this year. Here is my new Run Quickly Sheep. He has "truely scamper action." I got one for me and one
Here is the deal. Leave me a Haiku about sheep, warm and fuzzy for the holiday season, in my comments. Funny gets special points. I will select the Haiku that I enjoy the most, and send the author a Run Quickly Sheep to enjoy! Be sure you leave an email address with your comment, because I can't reach you if you don't!

Here is my daughter's Sheep Haiku, to get you started:

Come, sheep in your white
Coats of warmth, to my spinning
Wheel, to give me wool.

Peace on earth and good will to all! Meow.


  1. Haha, I've got TWO!

    Sweet sheep are sleeping
    Always dreaming of the time
    The Shepherd will come.

    The shearers are here.
    The handspun wool will warm me
    The sheep, not so much.


    Happy Yule!

  2. Um, let's see.

    See the fox!
    He loves sheep!
    Run quickly sheep!
    Lest you become mutton!

    Or maybe...

    Happy woolly sheep
    With warm plastic wool
    So nice for fun fur yarn!

    Thanks for all the wonderful posts this year and I hope there will be many more to come!

  3. Wooly, white, soft
    Tight twisted spun, fun color
    dyed, making my socks

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  5. Sandra Boynton Sheep
    playing in the fields
    Much irony here


    Boundin' Pixar short
    about a despondent sheep
    Jackelope makes merry

    This is so not my area!

  6. Ah sweet fluffy white
    Or black are sheep.
    Warm soft down to spin.


    Flip the tail
    And watch her run
    Sheep on the loose!!

  7. Hi where did you get your Run Quickly Sheep?
    I ust got one and it doesn't work so I'm trying to find another.
    I love the idea of it's 'Truly Scamper Action"

  8. Jayne,
    You didn't leave an email address for me to reply to, so this is the best I could do by way of answering. I got my "Run Quicklies" at 99 Cent Wonder, on 170th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, in lovely Washington Heights, New York City. Last time I was there they still had a few, so stop in if you're in the vacinity. We love to shop there!