Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Doily Has Landed

My doily is blocking and I am very pleased with this little project. The pictures are not great, in that the thread is still wet in areas and has a blotchy appearance. If you can ignore that, I will show you what made this so much fun. Around the edges of the very central petals there are two-stitch cables which give you the interesting texture you see.
You can really see those "texture" stitches here, along with the decrease lines to give the large leaves a veined appearance.
Here you can see the "veining" of the leaves clearly and also good use of single yarn-overs up the center of the leaves, and double yarn-overs inside the flower petals.

This doily was knit with #10 cotton, in a "linen" color and US 2-0 needles. I used about 400 yards of cotton and the finished dimension is 23 inches across, under blocking tension. The pattern is the cover design from Special Diana Strickdeckchen D944. It was designed by Zdenka Holacka.
I have some other knitting to get done before I move further into the doily process, but in a few weeks I hope to post a small original doily pattern to work on techniques; in particular the center start and negotiating double-pointed needles. Like everything else, it just takes practice and a strong will to get it right. Small doilies are perfect for practicing. I will post later this week with more information about center starts in the literature. Until that time, knit on! Meow...


  1. Lovely! The texturing is marvelous--I wish I could design something like that. You did a fantastic job with it!

  2. Beautiful work! I love the texture in some of the patterns for doilys too. Good luck with designing one of your own!

  3. Hi :-) Sorry to comment so long after your post, but I wanted to verify first and because I'm somewhat of a scatterbrain I forgot. Anyway, to finally get to the point. This design is not by Zdenka Holacka. Most of it is the middle of a Niebling design called "Maria". "Maria" was included in Beyer Band 288 (later republished as Band 2007). If you look in the D944 there is a square design also supposedly by ZH. It is a slightly modified version (the original does not have all solid corners) of a design called "Seenelke" from Beyer band 228. This is not the first time I have seen this kind of thing (old passed off as new) *sigh*