Monday, March 28, 2011

What I Did on Spring Break...

First I want to say hello and apologize for the long lag-time between posts. Life just gets in the way sometimes! Before you look at my travel pictures, please take a moment to answer my poll questions. I am pondering my next group project (summer 2011) and would love your input. Thanks so much! Warning. There is no knitting at all in this post. I took knitting away with me and I knit, but I can't show it to you. This sign caught my eye in the NYC airport after we got through security. I couldn't help myself...and I had a spindle in my shoulder bag. So we went away for 10 days to Florida. We have been to Florida before, but never to the Keys and never to the Everglades, so we set off to see stuff we had not previously seen.
Moonrise in Key Largo A sleeping gator at a stop along the road to Flamingo.
One of many sunsets in Key Largo.
A Strangler Fig up near Everglade City.
A Snowy Egret on the way to Key West.
Another sunset in Key Largo...
Yet another sunset in Key Largo...
And yet another Key Largo...
I think this is a young Red Shouldered Hawk, but I could be wrong so feel free to set me straight.
Ah yes. Another sunset in Key Largo...
Tiger Key, a bit off Everglade City by small motor boat. No one else was there!
Tarpons smiling.
The super moon (next to a radio tower.)
Nest Key, close to Key Largo by sail boat. No one else was here either!
Local veggies for dinner (from a farm stand in Key Largo we found biking around.)
The wonderful Key Largo Tuesday evening knitting group, at DJ's Diner.

Back row from left to right: Ginny, Suzette, Marcia

Front row from left to right: Linda, Norine, Bridget These are the nicest women! They just made me feel right at home. If you are ever in Key Largo on a Tuesday evening go and say hello!

Janet from Maine, who also knits! We talked about the Webs sale...
Ibis at a stop along the road to Flamingo.
Hiding Gators in Shark Valley.
Hen and chick in Key Key West.
Relaxing in Key Largo.
Great Egret at a stop on the road to Flamingo.
Great Blue Heron near Everglade City.
Giant lobster on Overseas Highway south of Key Largo.
Female Anhinga at a stop along the road to Flamingo.
Everglade City...
Catalina 22 in Key Largo.
Key Largo!
BK paddles through the Mangroves near Key Largo.
Brown Pelican south of Key Largo.
BK on a Sunfish off Key Largo.
Awake Gator near Everglade City.
OK, I think this a another Red Shouldered Hawk but tell me if I am wrong!

Thanks for looking! I will be back in a week or so with more about the Metamorphosis wrap up and thoughts about Summer 2011. Until then, knit on!


  1. Andrea,
    I have learned so much from you, I would participate in any summer project! I would be happy to do another sweater, shawl, socks, mitts, whatever. This probably does not help. =(
    Loved the photos of your trip!
    Sue in CA

  2. You found a knitting group on your vacation? How perfect is that!

  3. Colour me green with the photo of being on the bow of the catalina 22! Trying to be patient to launch our 24' sailboat in MI. The photos are super, Andrea, showing us things, some of us, have never seen (might not want to, either-the gators). You must have had a grand time and deservedly so, with all the goodies you've shared with us. Thanks. Allyson

  4. Oohhhhh, I loved the pictures! The Cat 22 reminded me of the Cat 25 we used to own 15 years ago. Oh my, has it been that long? Even now on windy days like today I think of what a great day it would be to go sailing. Would do to do knitting with you but will be moving in June and am getting ready to box up everything. Don't worry, the boxes will be well labeled "Knitting."

  5. Hello from Janet from Maine! Wasn't it a great week? Semester is finishing up :) and I successfully ran my marathon last weekend!!! And now, back to having a life in fiber . . . . LOVED meeting you and enjoying your blog!

  6. How do you do projects? I'm usually a winter knitter (former Floridian) but am interested in maybe knitting a light-weight shawl...there's a great little knit shop here in Black Mountain, NC, and I bet they'd help me out too. (PS, I make ceramic buttons for them and the Nice Threads weaving & felting shop here)