Saturday, March 5, 2011

Metamorphosis: The collection!

Today I finally have some reasonable photographs of most of the Metamorphosis collection. The center of this project was our sweater, and here I have photos of BadKitten showing off the cardigan, knit by Jeri in the suggested BBToes yarn. Jeri used 6/0 crystal ab beads on the yoke and border of the bottom and sleeves. She used edging Chart D on both the sleeves and the bottom. BadKitten is going for casual and says the yarn feels wonderfully soft.
Jeri used four simple crystal buttons, which are a perfect match for the beads.
Jeri made this sweater to BadKittens measurements, and group members might recall that from our measurement tutorial. It fits her like a glove...
BK is ready to do her thing in this lovely cardigan. Note that Jeri made 3/4 sleeves on this version. The pattern allows for a sleeveless vest, 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves, at the knitters discretion.
What is missing here is the pullover version of the sweater, and my gorgeous purple version is just waiting for me to finish up the sleeve borders and block. I should have that ready for my next post.
Above is The Cocoon Scarf, which is another one of our Metamorphosis projects. This can be made in any size, from a dainty scarf to a large stole. My version was made using 2-ply merino lace weight hand dyed by my friend, Judith Gilbert. It reads as blue, but the color is a rich blend of blues, purples and browns.
Simple and easy to wear.
It is hard to see the stitch patterns here, but you can appreciate how delicate it is.
The next project from Metamorphosis that I want to share is The Chrysalis Shawl. This one is knit using 2/28 merino/silk from Colourmart, along with some 2.5mm silver-lined gray Ab triangle beads.
It is hard to capture the stitch patterns, beads and glow of the yarn in a picture.
It is a wisp of a shawl, and gossamer enough to use as a veil. It can be made as large as the knitter chooses.
Finally, I have some pictures of the Metamorphosis Shawl. This one is knit with 2-ply yarn that I spun myself, in a Shetland/silk blend. I used 6/0 crystal ab beads.
Maybe I will have some better light and do another round of photos in the near future, but I think this shows you each project. Please feel free to ask if you want more details. The Metamorphosis group is busy knitting, and all the project files have been posted. You are welcome to join if you want access to the patterns and our support. In a few months the patterns will be available at my Ravelry pattern store and at Jeri's Ravelry pattern store. Until then, join the group to get them!
Thanks for looking and I hope to be back soon with more pictures and fun. I am starting to think about a summer group and will try to include a poll in my next post, so I can get some ideas about projects from you! Until then, knit on!


  1. As always, they are stunning! I love the loopy border on the last shawl.

  2. Lovely lovely photos! BadKitten is really a wonderful model. She looks marvelous in everything. I especially love how she looks in that sweater ( of course!). You can possibly block the sleeves a bit longer if you wish. I do want to thank Bad Kitten for being such a great model. Even at 60 degrees today, it still feels cold!

  3. W-O-W! That's all I can say!! Absolutely marvellous! You're an artist!