Sunday, February 6, 2011

Metamorphosis: onward!

For the Metamorphosis Project, this week is all about edges!
Our first shawl project, The Metamorphosis Shawl, will be getting Chart D. You can see how that looks on my shawl above.

I used Chart E on my Metamorphosis Sweater pullover. We are blocking between the body and the sleeves to check fit and you can see Miss LucyFur has done her usual fine blocking job!
I used blocking wires, which allowed me to follow the curve of the waist shaping. I used t-pins for each point along the bottom edge.
Here is a close-up of the Chart E edge following Chart C on my sweater. I slip a piece of paper between the layers to help show the pattern off but the photograph is not really going it justice.
Finally, here is a peek at what the Chart F edge looks like. Above we can see F following Chart A with clusters, which is a chart I have not posted yet. We will be using this one with the next two shawl/stole projects, so consider this a sneak peek! More details about the piece above will be coming.
Next week we will be moving on to the sleeves and another shawl/stole project, so please feel free to join us if you think what we are working on looks interesting. Jeri and I are having a blast! All the information about joining us is right here. Plenty of people are still casting on and the files are excellent, so come on down!