Monday, January 31, 2011

Metamorphosis is evolving!

This week we are moving onto Chart C, and for the Metamorphosis Shawl it looks like what you see above!
Here is a close-up of the Chart C pattern from my pullover sweater,
And a little more fabric here. This is the chart knit with both the cluster stitches and the beads. We are using this pattern below the bust and through the waist. Because of the dramatic clusters, the stitch pattern gives gentle waist shaping without any other effort. We also posted a whole series of insert charts, which we are using for hip shaping. Things are looking pretty fine!

We have our border comings next week, and for that we have three different options for our sweaters and the final chart for our first shawl. We will be sharing those three charts next weekend. After that, people working on sweaters will start their sleeves and people working on shawls will finish their first project and move on to their second project. There are two new stitch patterns coming (separate from the three borders) which we will combine with the patterns we already have. Just a ton more great knitting. Several group members have plans to start a second version of the sweater, without even taking a deep breath in between! And in case they are reading this, those two new stitch patterns can be used for their sweaters, as they each flow well from one to the next. You could add an extra stitch pattern within the yolk, just saying...

If you want to know more about our Metamorphosis Winter KAL just check out the tab at the top of my blog.

We have a huge amount of snow in the NYC area right now, and we are expecting another 6-9 inches, followed by a few inches of ice for good measure. I might not be able to get to work on Wednesday, which could mean a great knitting day, assuming I make it home from work on Tuesday. Now I just have to hope that all that ice doesn't take my power (and heat) out. I can knit in the dark, but not if my hands are cold...

Until next week, knit on!


  1. If you have to be snowed in, I hope you get home. I can't think of anything more annoying than being snowed in at work!

    Beautiful knitting! More variations for the sweaters??? I should have got more sock yarn!

  2. Wherever you end up and above all, keep safe.