Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Swatch Me week 8!

Happy Sunday! We are on our second to last stitch pattern for the Summer Swatch Me project and this week's stitch pattern is called Champagne. Most of our group members will be adding this stitch pattern to their samplers. Look who is home! And not a moment too soon, because it was really hard to photograph this one without my model. I call this the Champagne Hug. This was made using one skein of Jade Sapphire 2-ply 100% Mongolian Cashmere, in the Lichen or Not colorway. You can't see the beads in the photographs, but there are silver lined teal ab beads sprinkled throughout.
You can wear this piece a few different way and it looks pretty elegant from all the angles. The pattern for this is more of a recipe, with direction to customize for a perfect fit. Any of our Summer Swatch Me stitch patterns can be used.
I have been playing with our stitch patterns in these "side projects" and this week is no exception. The stitch pattern for the sampler is worked with a stockinette stitch ground, but for the hug I used a garter stitch ground. This works well with some stitch patterns and not so well with others. I think it works very well with this stitch pattern, and I invite you to swatch some of our other stitch patterns to see what you get!
Here you can see my Champagne Bookmark, for those group members working on bookmarks. Again, I used some handspun from my FiberOptics collection.

Do you like what you see? You can still join my Summer Swatch Me group. Read the details here. We have one more stitch pattern next week, a border for the sampler the following week and then a bunch of weeks focused on playing with our stitch patterns. We will do some pattern manipulations and discuss designing a unique stole using our various stitch patterns and manipulations. I will be sharing charts for several other projects, including a cowl and two full stoles, plus charts for alternate stole centers and goodness know what else I will come up with between now and then. I better go knit...

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