Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Swatch Me Week 11!

The Summer Swatch Me Sampler is a done deal! Several knitters from our group have already blocked and are sharing their photos as I type. Many more are still working on their samplers, so it will be a few weeks before we have a group post to share all the projects.
You can see the last few stitch patterns in the photo above, and the first few in the photo below.
And some details in the photo below...
And a close-up of the border below, showing the bead placement.
The photo below shows how I suggest you block your sampler. Use the finished dimensions in the pattern directions as a guide. Weave in your ends to the wrong side, but do not clip them. Soak your piece in cool water, giving it a wash with soap if needed. Follow the general care guidelines for the yarn you used. Be sure the piece is rinsed well and totally wet. Press out the excess water and roll in a towel. Lay flat and pin out each point (where there is a bead there is a point!) Make sure to work evenly, using a ruler if needed to achieve the suggested blocking dimensions. If you used a different gauge/yarn/needles just block to your chosen dimensions. Leave the piece alone until totally dry. Remove the pins carefully, clip the ends and enjoy!
Here is my sampler blocking, and you can see how I dealt with the points and the corners.
The winner of the little blue skein of handspun yarn is LambChop (Heather) and her skein will be in the mail tomorrow! I'll be back in a few days with more Summer Swatch Me fun. Until then, Knit on!


  1. So, SO beautiful! I'm loving my scarf done in Milabrigo. So soft. Thanks for your delightful lace pattern fun over the summer! I'm back to teaching full time now, so not sure when I'll finish mine up, but trust me, it WILL get done!