Saturday, March 6, 2010

Please meet my friend...

Jeri Riggs! We knit together most Thursday evenings. Actually Jeri not only knits. She is an amazing art quilter too. But today I want to share her newest contribution to our craft, The Ingrid Cardigan. Jeri has been knitting these amazing, intricately cabled, top down sweaters. She just starts at the top and when she is done it fits her like a glove. The problem has been that she never writes down what she does. All that has changed with this new design, which is why I am so excitedSo Ingrid is worked from the top down and is carefully shaped to flatter.
The cables are charted and the instructions are very detailed, well illustrated and clear.
Her attention to detail is really amazing.
You can appreciate the wonderful shaping detail in the back.
I just have to show you another version...
Jeri loves zippers, and the two versions I am sharing have zippers in them. The pattern allows for buttons too, if that is more your style.
If you look on Ravelry you will see two other versions. One with buttons and one without anything. They all look great.
I am usually making something with holes in it, but I adore texture and cables too. Jeri is selling her pattern for Ingrid on Ravelry and I would go check it out! A spectacular design and a very wearable sweater. I have such cool friends!

I posted the final chart for Snow Queen at our Yahoogroup today, so we should be wrapping that project up very soon. I will be back next week with blocking directions for Snow Queen and some photos of the finished piece. Until then, knit, knit, knit...