Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snowed in With The Snow Queen: Fixing Nupps.

Here in New York we had another snow day...and it snowed. Although I had hoped for nonstop knitting, I was faced with some nonstop shoveling.
In fairness, I only helped dig out my car. My dear husband did the bulk of it, plus his car, plus the walk...yes, that is my car...
Where is that hot tub when you need it???
I want to discuss nupp repair. I am talking about those wayward loops that you notice 20 rows past. You know what I mean. As careful as you are, a loop or two somehow always gets missed. You will look down and that loop, just sticking out, will declare its self. Here is what I do. DO NOT PULL ON IT! Take a contrasting piece of yarn on a blunt needle, run it through the loop, bring it to the back of your work at the top of the nupp missing the loop and make a little bow. Your nupp from the front should look normal if you brought the loop to the back through the top of the nupp. Ignore it until you are finished.
Once you cast-off, but before you block, fix nupps. You need a snippers or scissors, a blunt needle and some of your project yarn.
My project yarn is a 2-ply. I untwisted about 9 inches of my yarn, so I had 1-ply. Do this patiently using the blunt needle to help the 2-ply untwist. Depending on your yarn this either will work well or be too frustrating. If it is the later, just use the yarn as it is.
Using the needle, remove that contrasting yarn and replace it with the 1-ply project yarn. Take at look at your work from the front. Can you see a problem with the nupp from the front? I bet not. Return to the back and weave the 1-ply ends in with care, following the stitch pattern. Weave 1 end in one directions and cross the 2nd end over the 1st, weaving in the other direction. If you do it with care you will never find the spot you just fixed from either side. Fix any wayward loops that you find. While you are at it, weave all your ends in. You can split the yarn as I did above, which will make it very hard to find your ends, but be careful not to break the yarn and end up with nothing to weave in, eh?

I will be back next week with an updated picture or two of Snow Queen! Until then, knit on...


  1. I am so glad you shared this - by trial and error this is almost the exact way I fudged around with to fix those pesky waving arms! I have been waiting for chart G for a week now - anytime soon? I want to block this gem - the suspense is killing me.

  2. I can not bear to see those loose loops that I missed several rounds below standing out! Thanks to your tips for fixing it so that I can go to sleep without worrying about that imperfect nupp.

  3. Thank you very much...I am doing my very first Nupp project...and I have one pesky nupp that is looking a little worse for wear...but there is NO way I am going back just for one nupp....