Saturday, October 10, 2009

Summer Squares Comes to a Conclusion...

I posted the final charts and directions for The Summer Squares project last week. Now everyone just has to knit! The blanket can have as few as four squares (for a crib blanket) or as many squares as the knitter likes (for any size blanket you like!) The edging is simple, with lacing and a bow at each corner. My yarn is a very light cotton/silk blend, but this project can work in any weight yarn you want to work with.
The squares are joined using contrasting yarn and a fun, totally knit technique. No sewing is required for this project at all...
Before I say my final farewell to summer, I want to alert all my Summer Squares participants to a special Thank-You Contest. I want to share pictures of your Summer Squares projects here on the blog. Send me pictures of your completed projects, along with yarn specs, and I will put your name into the hat. Send me pictures of more than one completed project? I will put you name in the hat more times! And what will you get if you name is pulled from the hat??? Yarn and beads...shipped from my home to your home, anywhere in the world:
A ball of Lacey Lamb in this gorgeous, spicy orange and 20 grams of silver-lined warm, brown beads...perfect for an Autumn project! Until next week...knit on.