Thursday, October 15, 2009

Athena and Friends...

I have a new design to share with you. This is what I call "travel knitting." There is a bunch of simple knitting that does not require much concentrations, and a few spurts of fun. I knit this project on my recent trip to Greece. It was not the only knitting that I had with me, but it was the only project that did not require constant attention to charts or small beads. I knit on planes, boats, beaches and mostly in a car on twisting mountain roads. This was a great project for all of that! It is available at my Ravelry Pattern Store as of right now. If you don't have a Ravelry account but still want the pattern, drop me a comment with your email address.
There are lovely 6/0 violet goldluster beads in the eyelet panel across the back and in the final border. I also used long magatamas, which were really fun to work with. The yarn is Araucania Itata Solid in color 2010 and I used 2 skeins (about 800 yards total.)
I showed you the fiber I dyed a few weeks ago. Yes, it will be yarn sooner rather than later. I am working on selecting some beads for this yarn right now, but the pattern I plan to knit is already designed, yes sir...
And finally, I made more socks using the new Jade Sapphire sock yarn, called Sapphire Sox. I decided I really like the yarn. The photo is terrible, but the pattern is pretty nice, so take a closer look. Better photos to follow, but the pattern is available right now at my Ravelry Pattern Store. If you want the pattern but not the Ravelry account, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll get back to you! You can still find a free (different) pattern for this yarn at the link for the yarn.

Finally, please look at the other recent additions to my Ravelry Pattern Store and thank you for your interest! I added Ojo De Dios and Tallin Sunset a few weeks ago.

I have several other major projects about to jump off my needles, plus some great little holiday gift projects and a big winter blog project all hiding up my sleeve, but first I have to go to Rhinebeck this Saturday. Neither rain or snow or sleet or...whatever!


  1. Rhinebeck? My Spindle Shopper is on the move! 14 grams is my favorite weight and I hate walnut. Good luck!

    Love your travel knitting and your spinning is gorgeous!!

  2. Love the Athena, it is beautiful.

  3. I love knitting on planes too. Though my favourite needles are addi turbo which is metal so I have to use the wooden needles.
    Wonderful shawl and love the socks! ;D