Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Midsummer Nights Dream...

I just added two new patterns to my Ravelry Pattern Store.

The Puck Scarf is perfect for your favorite fairy to frolic through the woods. This scarf sits very well on the shoulders. It works with lace weight and also fingering weight yarn. Beads are optional...

My boss carefully supervises the blocking...
The Titania Shawl is a larger version of the same design, and this example was worked in 3/45 cashmere/silk. Thank-you Lara and Steph.

This picture shows the shape of the shawl. Again, beads are optional!
Thanks for looking! Link to my Ravelry Pattern Store is on the upper left edge of my blog!


  1. BadKitten sure models well :-)

    Beautiful pics and great fun to knit.

  2. Lovely design. Is it just a matter of number of repeats to make a larger version or majorly different to require a separate pattern??

  3. The pattern charts are actually different. The design is the same, but because of the way that the edging works with the main section, the charts are different. I considered putting both together in one pattern file, but decided that might be too large for many people and settled on this option. Hope this helps!

  4. Both the model and the designs are just beautiful!

  5. Oh I love both of them. In fact, I love all your designs. Every time I see your beautiful creations I wish I could knit faster. The best one is your kitty cat supervising the blocking. I reckon she is an expert! :D