Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Good Day to Dye...

Today I bring you eye candy. A few weekends ago a few of my friends had a dye party, and I had a wonderful time. The event was made great by the hospitality of Benita, the dye preparation of Brenda, and the company and fine cooking of Benita, Brenda, Kelley (knittergirl), Mary, Janet, Bob, Janet, Judi and BadKitten. My skeins are above, drying. The large one in the middle is Shetland 2-ply (fingering.) All the others are angora-merino 2/28 lace weight.
Above are the same skeins, just dry and two also re-skeined. Two of them were very long skeins that I wound on a warping board to get long color repeats. I re-skeined them to make them more easy to deal with when I am ready to use them.
This is a picture of one of Knittergirl's skeins. I think that is hand-spun courtesy of Brenda...
Here you have some Romney roving dyed by BadKitten. I wish I had pictures of the amazing colors everyone else got, but alas I do not. We are getting together to do this again in June, so I will bring my camera! I'll be back next week with more fiber fun! Until then, knit on!


  1. Lovely stuff! Wish I could have attended!

  2. Eye candy, indeed! Sounds like a wonderful time.

  3. hmmm, talk about eye candy. Love them all. Where do you live? Can I go and steal them? :-)

  4. Lovely colors! I think there is something special about knitting your own dyed yarn. I feel as if I can knit faster when I knit with yarn that I dyed. Yep these two skeins are huge! :D Have a lovely weekend.