Friday, June 13, 2008

The Summer Sampler Project: in time for WWKIP Day!

If you are new to the party, please take a moment to review all previous posts with The Summer Sampler label!

I got a special request to get this pattern up early. Those of you know know me know that I usually scoff at such requests, but this one was from Beth, who wanted to be able to continue work on her sampler when she went out for WWKIP Day. How could I resist...

Pattern 3 is more ornate than the previous pattern, and I will call it Climbing Vines. Once you establish the pattern, it flows easily.
Following is page nine of our pattern, and again, refer to the Key and Chart Dissection in previous posts if you get confused.

I am still collecting name ideas for pattern 1, and I will put a naming poll up with my post next week. Heads-up! I am off to London (actually St Albans) next Thursday and you can expect to see the next pattern page before I leave. If anyone has any fiber "must-see" suggestions in St Albans, please let me know! Until then, knit on!


  1. Andrea,

    The first pattern looks like a "Whale Tail" to me. So that is my suggested name for the pattern.

    Cindy - "Sis"

  2. my husband looked at pattern 1 and immediately said 'nice ferns'
    so 'summer fern' is my suggestion

  3. a fern is what I thought of also.

  4. How about "Whale Fern"?

    Re Pattern 3: According to my math the pattern is a repeat of (21x4)+2 = 86, which means the increase after spacer 2 to 87 stitches is not needed. Am I missing something?

  5. gjabouri,
    You are right and the wrong number was up for about two hours after my post yesterday, but a corrected page EIGHT has been up since that time. I suggest you join my Yahoo group (link on left side of blog.) Those guys catch everything in minutes and any corrections get noted there right away. They are on me like flies on...well, you know what I mean! So the error was in the spacer between pages eight and nine because I substituted a different pattern three from my original design. That increased stitch in the spacer must be eliminated before you move to pattern three and I gave several ways to quickly do that in the yahoogroup discussion, if you need suggestions! Thanks for paying attention!