Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lace Workshop?

I will be teaching a workshop at Knitting Nation, in Nyack, New York, this coming Saturday afternoon. I will be covering four different double decreases, as they relate to lace knitting. We will use a spanking-new lace scarf pattern that I call "The Wallflower Scarf." It uses a few optional beads. I will post pictures of the scarf after the workshop. If you are intrigued, call Knitting Nation and save yourself a spot at the table. If you like my patterns, you will not be disappointed...


  1. Looks like LucyFur is enjoying some nice Spring weather. :) Wish I lived closer for your class have a good time teaching it.

  2. I wish you were closer too! We will have fun and then I'll put a real picture of the design up.

  3. Same goes here......it sounds like fun but too far away.

    Great pic of LucyFur ;-)

  4. I just heard about your patterns from the KBTH list. Wow! Your shawls are very.... very nice! Now i'm waiting for Ravelry access.

    Have a nice day.
    Christa, France