Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time is not on my side...

I knit when I should have been sleeping. I knit when I should have been packing. I knit at all my meetings. I knit in the car (but not when I was driving.) I didn't finish. I can only try to describe the length of the rows right now, when I say that I have four rows left and I haven't finished packing.

I said to my daughter "I have to finish Isis, make dinner, pack and change the cat's litter box. Which isn't getting done?" She said "Dinner?" A girl after my own heart, I tell you! Alas, she was wrong.

So here we are...I will have a finished picture, blocked and all, next weekend. I show you the border progress and what is left. I used almost all of three skeins of my yarn. It is possible I will just dip into the fourth skein, but I don't think so. Stay tuned on that. I am on my last beaded row and still have some beads remaining. I am posting the final charts with confidence that they work well. Chart D:1 of the border is the continuation of chart A:2. Chart D:2 is the continuation of charts C, A:1, C.

Enjoy! I will be back in New York on 9/20/07 and post again on 9/21/07 or round and about there...Peace.

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