Sunday, February 1, 2015

Full Moon!

This design was inspired by the Year of the Sheep.  This lunar New Year is represented by the color green, to symbolize new wood.  As we move from snow storm to snow storm in New York this winter, I find myself longing for those fresh, green branches that tell me springtime is on the way. What better way to pull ourselves out of the snow but with a project that almost smells like spring!  I selected a bright, fresh green yarn and beads with gold flashes.  You might choose a green, gold, brown or anything else that pleases you.  The design is a full circle with 12 wedges to invoke a zodiac mandala, if you will.  The lace work is organic and reminiscent of fresh leaves or sitting in the shade of a willow tree in full leaf.

Interested in joining a group project?  Enjoy a knitting mystery that requires some real lace knitting skills?  Come on over to Ravelry and check it out!  Meow...

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