Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just in Time for a quick Thanksgiving Project...

My Indian Corn Mitts pattern is now available at my Ravelry pattern store, and includes a copy of my Fingerless Mitts Tutorial!

A bird in the hand...and some mitts on your knitting needles! Now that is worth quite a bit.

I'll be back next week with sexy food photographs. I am making my Turkey with Mole sauce this year. My attitude about food is that you can put chocolate on anything and then serve it with a glass of good wine. Until then, knit on!


  1. I feel exactly the same way about food! LOVE those fingerless mitts.

  2. I love mole chicken. I can think of no better way to improve a turkey. yum! nice mitts, too.

  3. Lovey mitts! Mole is a wonderful idea! Must do that for Christmas!

  4. So beautiful!!!I was waiting since the SSMe mitts tutorial!!!
    Thank you!