Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Swatch Me: Wrapping up Loose Ends!

We are finishing up the Summer Swatch Me group project this week, with a special packet of ideas about using our Swatch Me stitch patterns to design our own unique stoles. I am posting some general directions and concept charts in our group files today. I really can't wait to see what group members come up with. The Summer Swatch Me project includes so many talented and generous knitters, it has been a real pleasure to host you all. In a few weeks I will present a gallery of Summer Swatch Me Photographs from group members. I hope that everyone will be in the mood to share their work! To encourage this big group share, I am offering up some small goodies. For each project a group member photographs and shares with me, their name will go into my hat once. Send me a picture of five projects, and your name goes into the hat five times! Details will be posted to the group, so look out for that email. First prize will be two skeins of Madil Kid Seta in a melange of browns(420 yards total) plus about 10 grams of matching beads and a special coordinating origami star, courtesy of BadKitten. This is enough for a double wide Fountain Scarf, or any other scarf you choose!
Second prize is one skein of Crystal Palace Kid Merino in the Wild Clover color(221 yards) plus about 7 grams of matching beads and a special coordinating origami interlocking squares, courtesy of BadKitten. This is enough for a Fountain Scarf, or any other scarf that you like. All Summer Swatch Me group members are welcome to join and I will ship anywhere, so look out for the group email and start sending your photographs!
I look forward to another few weeks of Summer Swatch Me fun, as we design our own stoles and finish up projects. I will be back next weekend with a post about shopping for beads in New York City. Until then, knit on!


  1. Bad Kitten's origami is awesome! Really intricate and beautiful. I hope I win! And the yarn isn't bad, either. But the real prize is getting to knit some lovely wonderful lace. Thank you, Andrea!

  2. As usual, you deserve a huge THANK YOU for sharing such wonderful projects! Bad Kitten needs a pat on the back as well, not just for making the origami but agreeing to gift it away.

  3. Wow!!! The origamis are so beautiful!!! Thank you Andrea!!! My fingers are crossed!!!