Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Swatch Me Week 6!

This week marks a special milestone, as we are now officially at the half-way point of summer! I don't know about where you are, but where I am we hit near 100 degrees F yesterday. Sounds like smack in the middle of summer to me! Luckily, we took pictures for today's post last month... Our Summer Swatch Me stitch pattern this week is Fountain, and most group members will be adding this stitch pattern to their Summer Swatch Me Samplers. This makes our 6th (out of 9) patterns for the sampler.
We have two side projects this week. First we have the Fountain Mitts, which I knit using one skein of Land O Lace Steffi, in the Mazeppa colorway. Just as an aside, when I went to the Land O Lace website to snag the link for this post, I noticed they are having a 10% off sale (plus free or reduced shipping) through July 26th. I am not trying to lead you to temptation or anything, but I couldn't resist (the temptation) myself, and I thought I would share my discovery with you.
I just LOVE this colorway. It is hard to appreciate from my photographs, but there are specks of pale purple which create an almost iridescent quality.
The yarn has excellent stitch definition, so the pattern looks almost embossed. The stitches are NOT twisted, although I worked these at a firm gauge.
Like the previous mitt patterns in this series, they have a fitted thumb gusset and beads embellishing the wrist. The pattern is well suited to additional bead placements, if you so desire!
Our second side project this week is for a simple scarf, the Summer Swatch Me Scarf, using one skein of a special yarn and some beads for good measure. I used Crystal Palace Kid Merino in the Sage Colorway, along with some silver lined gold rainbow beads. Delicate, quick and a perfect gift. The scarf can be made using any one of the nine stitch patterns we will be using this summer, but this week I made a scarf using Fountain.
Finally, we have this week's Summer Swatch Me Fountain Bookmark, using another one of my handspun yarns, from my FiberOptics stash.
Try to stay cool, while still surrounding yourselves in fiber. That is my plan! I will be back next week with more Summer Swatch Me abundance. The project started the first day of summer and will remain open to new participants until the very last day of summer. If you like what you see and want access to all the projects and stitch patterns I have been posting about, come on over and join us! You can read all about it here. Until next week, knit on!


  1. This is gorgeous! I love it! I have absolutely loved the patterns each week (though I'm tardy in posting my pics). This has been my favorite summer knitting adventure. Thank you! You are so incredibly talented. I'm going to enjoy going back to these lace patterns for years to come.

  2. Lovely mitts, even though the temperature here is similar to yours, and even thinking about mitts makes me perspire.