Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Summer Swatch Me Project has begun!

Well, at least the group is open and people are collecting their materials! A few weeks ago I showed you some hand dyed roving that I was spinning for the project. Here you can see the results. We have 10 skeins, each spun on a light weight drop spindle and made 2-ply. Each skein weights in at about 4 grams and has about 40 yards. The needles posing on the skeins are a US 1 and are 7 inches long, just for reference. Each skein will become a swatch (or bookmark) as we progress through the summer.

We have a great group of knitters already enrolled in the summer group, but there is still plenty of time. We won't be casting on until June 21st. Do you want to join the party? Check for all the details right here!


  1. O how I lust after those blue skeins! Can't wait to see what loveliness you make from those...

  2. wow!! incredible spinning, so fine, so even, how did you do that?!?!? can't wait to see what they become :}