Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Socks are long as they have lace on them.

I interrupt my usual programing to introduce a new sock yarn. Jade Sapphire Yarn Company just release Sapphire Sox. Here is the deal: 330 yards per skein, 25% Cashmere, 63% wool and 11% nylon. It comes in a bunch of interesting colorways, as you would expect from Jade Sapphire. The one they sent me is called Soul Mate...and I enjoyed the way that it striped. The yarn is soft but not delicate and was a pleasure to work with on a US 2 needle. I can't speak to wear, because I knit mine and JS took them as samples! With the nylon content and the nice twist, I suspect they will wear well. You can grab my pattern at the Jade Sapphire website or at my Ravelry pattern store. It is free. If you want the yarn, it will take a bit more effort. If you are lucky enough to be at The Sock Summit, there are two vendors there who have some. If not, ask for it at shops that carry JS yarn. They should be able to order it. Now I'll get back to knitting...